Are you one of those who still reach for the cutting board and knife when you have an onion to dice or five potatoes to julienne? There really is no reason to put yourself through all of that work and the potential for a knife mishap when you can simply let a machine do it for you. The versatility of a food processor makes kitchen life easier and takes out some of the more mundane tasks that certain recipes call for. Whether it is slicing, chopping, cutting, shredding, grinding, mixing, or mincing, a food processor can perform all of them efficiently and quickly. Using this appliance in the kitchen provides numerous time and labor saving benefits. Here is a detailed look into these advantages.

Food Processors Save Time

Finding the best food processor for your kitchen will end up cutting down on the time various cooking chores take when done by hand. If you have a recipe that calls for a lot of diced or cut up vegetables, then something that would usually take a few minutes now would only take a few seconds. They also produce a consistent cut every time. This greater convenience alone is worth the cost of buying one of these machine for your home.

Reduces Risk of Injury

Injuries in the kitchen are inevitable, especially when performing repetitive tasks by hand. A food processor helps to decrease the number of physical tasks one does, thereby reducing the risk of getting injured or overtired. If you worry about your knife skills, then having one of these in the kitchen can give you more peace of mind, so put away the band-aids.

Encourages Healthy Eating

One reason why so many people opt for processed meals is because they are either too tired or too hungry to cook. Unfortunately, most of these processed foods contain high amounts of unhealthy sugars, fats, salts and carbohydrates that put them at risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease among others.

However, because it is possible to prepare just about any meal with a food processor, people who desire to lose weight, find it easier to switch to healthier foods. For example, lovers of potato chips can chop potatoes at home using the processor, and bake them instead of deep-frying, to make them healthier. This way, they still get to enjoy the foods they love, but with less calories. And with fewer calories, comes a healthy weight, which consequently leads to, a long, healthy and more productive life.

Faster Food Preparation

Preparing the ingredients for certain foods can take a significant amount of time. For instance, tasks like preparing pasta dough, when done by hand, can take very long. Imagine if the actual cooking time for the main dish was two hours, then one would have to wait for almost three hours before food can be ready. That’s too long for anybody.

Fortunately, with a food processor, it only takes a few seconds to prepare ingredients. It eliminates the need to do all the physical tasks, thus making food preparation easier and faster. All one has to do is to set the right blades, press the right button, and the task will be completed very fast.

Encourages Experimenting With New Dishes

Many people are interested in trying new dishes at home, but when they think about the time involved in the preparation, they give up. If you find kneading dough time-consuming, or hard to do, take advantage of the kneading accessory in food processors to knead dough fast and efficiently. So, no more excuses for not eating fresh-smelling baked bread, pizza, or cake from home.

With this flexible appliance, the sky is the limit for anyone who wants to experiment with different foods. Foods that seem hard to make, for instance, salsa, dips, spreads, or baby foods, are actually much easier than you think. So, don’t waste money buying prepared foods; learn to prepare your own foods at home.

Thanks to the internet, it is now easier to prepare just about any dish in the world. A simple Google search yields several recipes of different foods, which one can use to experiment with new dishes. Preparing food at home is cheaper and healthier than buying processed foods. Besides, one gets to choose the ingredients he or she uses, which significantly reduces cases of allergic reactions and poisoning.


How many times are you going to be brought to tears by an onion before you decide that there has to be a better way? Today’s food processors all handle onions, as well as other types foods extremely well. There is simply no reason to put yourself through the stress that this veggie can produce. The race against the clock to get an onion diced before the inevitable crying starts is knife accident waiting to happen. Onions are probably one of the top reasons that folks get a food processor and it is probably the most popular chore done with them. Back away from the cutting board and stop shedding those tears for your meals.

Buying A Food Processor

No matter your budget, you should be able to find a machine to suit your needs. Cuisinart currently makes the best selling models, with the Cuinsart DLC 2009CHB being among the best rated food processors that they make. The more cooking that you do the more you should be using one of these small appliances. You work hard enough during the day, why put yourself through more of it in the kitchen. Let a food processor handle what your toughest recipes have to offer.

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We are firm believers in juicing and how it can help promote better health and better living with increased nutrition. We also prefer using a masticating juicer over centrifugal juicing machines as they are better at extracting the most possible juice from green vegetables. These types of produce are just packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs to excel. They leave you with more energy and you will feel better and look fabulous for your efforts. We came across a wonderful infographic that details how juicing can help rid the body of toxins as well as what is contained in different fruits and vegetables that your body can benefit from.

If you do not have one of these machines in your kitchen then you are depriving yourself of a super easy way to get your daily allowance of nutrients.  Check out the graphic below to see what juicing can do for you plus get a few tasty recipes to try.

JUICING infographic

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